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Mbong Amata’s friend says she is fine, accuses ex-husband Jeta of raising false alarm

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In a series of posts shared on Instagram by the self acclaimed best friend with the handle @stingybaron, said Amata is simply a scriptwriter who wrote a script and is using their daughter as bait.

“My hardworking Bestfriend. A Queen 👸. @mbongofficial. Strong woman 💪🏽. For those worrying about her, she’s fine. If you know this woman you know she can stay off social media for 5years self, she’s just not that person,” she wrote.

When a fan asked why she hasn’t reached to her family, StingyBaron went on the defensive; “And you know all this because a scriptwriter posted a script,” she asked the prying follower.

“The aim, to make her look bad while projecting care. Nothing worse than using your child as bet. Pathetic,” she fired back at another follower who wanted to know why her ex-husband decided to go public.

She also revealed that her daughter knows she’s doing very well.

“Can somebody please just ask why Mbong has gone missing from social media all year? No one seems to know anything and it’s affecting my daughter, that no one would tell us” he wrote.

Jeta and Mbong were married for five years before their marriage crashed in 2013.

The former beauty queen turned actor revealed in an interview years after, that getting married at a very young age with a promising career affected her marriage.