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Mary J. Blige to produce film based on her ‘Real Love’ hit song

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Written by Sonja Warfield and Rachel Ingram, the coming-of-age film titled ‘Real Love’ will follow Kendra, a studious teen who sets off on her own for the first time to attend college in upstate New York. But when she meets her film class partner Ben, her plans are thrown for a loop. Despite disapproving parents, financial hardships, and competition to become top students, Kendra and Ben fall for one another and “ultimately learn the meaning of real love,” per the movie’s press release.

“I wrote ‘Real Love’ based on my real-life experiences and my fans connected to it in a deeply personal way,” Blige said in a statement confirming the production at a press conference.

“It’s exciting to now use this song and my music to create a new story by way of film, continuing to build on a pillar of the foundation of my production company, Blue Butterfly. My passions for acting and music now include developing diverse stories with music as the backdrop.”

The film will reportedly feature more songs from Blige’s music catalog. The songstress will executive produce alongside Ashaunna Ayars, Nicole Jackson, Jordan and John Davis.