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Lydia Forson Talks About How Some People Switched Sides Because Their Government Is In Power

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Ghanaian actress Ms Lydia Forson continues to jab people who has been attacking her for consistently criticizing the government.

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Lydia Forson has been under various attacks on several social media platforms and sometimes under her own posts over her constant criticism of the current Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led administrations.

Some party patriots especially from the ruling party(s) has been constantly attacking her and always alleging she belongs to the opposite party whenever she criticize the government on its policies and malfunctioning.

Ms Forson reacting to these constant attacks on her stated majority of these people who normally attacks her were her ‘friends and partners’ when she was criticizing the then John Mahama led administration.

She said these people only switched sides from criticizing the government on its wrong doings to praising the government even though the government is not performing because they feel their political party is in power, and now, they regard her opinion and criticisms as ‘noise’.

My annoyance is because a majority of people who constantly throw shade my way were once my comrades when it came to holding the government accountable. But as soon as a new party came into power, my voice was now regarded as noise; so what changed?

She added she knows definitely well that that should government change power come 2024, the people who disagree with her right now will turn back to support her opinions and criticisms whiles people who support her now and will possibly be in power then will disagree with her.

In 4 years if a new government comes into power, half of the people who disagree with me now will agree with me and vice versa. Because for a majority of people, they agree/disagree based on how their belly will be full. I’m waiting paaa.

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com