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Lydia Forson Insults A Fan Who Asked Her To Send Him Momo After She Asked John Dumelo

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Actress Lydia Forson has insulted a fan who asked her to send her momo after she asked her colleague John Dumelo to send her momo and his reply to her request was just funny.


Lydia Forson for some reason decided to ask John Dumelo to send her momo and John replying to that decided to sing for her since the song has momo in it and everyone reacting to that only burst out with laughter.

A fan or follower of Lydia Forson also decided to ask her to send him/her momo since she’s also asking John Dumelo and she ended up insulting the person adding a laughing emoji to show that it’s nothing serious.

Lydia Forson per the reply of John Dumelo will not get the momo she asked even though he might decide to give it to her back door and she also isn’t going to give the person who asked her for momo because she wouldn’t have insulted him/her.

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Because of the momo tax, people are trying to avoid using momo even before the taxation takes effect and we believe Lydia Forson was just trying to tease John Dumelo with that which is why she asked him for momo.

These two are always funny on Twitter and some netizens reacting to their posts said they are all mad on the bird app because they turn to bring how they sometimes fool when they meet each other on the bird app.

screenshot below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com