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Love Doctor Akrobeto Teaches How To Know Your Crush Loves You (Video)

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Kuamwood actor and presenter, Akwasi Boadi, well known as Akrobeto has tipped his viewers on how to know their crushes are also interested in them.

Most people find it difficult to open up and confess their love to their crushes and also find it difficult to know if their crushes are also interested in them. Well, most people are with the fear that they might be rejected when they shoot their shot.

Comic actor Akrobeto on his Real News Show on UTV tipped his viewers with some guidelines and procedures on how to approach their crushes and also know that the person they are interested in is equally interested in them.

His first step was the ‘Wink Move’ which according to him is the first thing to look out for when you meet someone you like. If you wink at the person and the person winks back then it may be that the person is also interested in you.


The next one according to the actor is there is something on your face’ move where you say that and if you are allowed to pick the said thing from the person’s face then it means you are both on the same page.

He finally said that after all these steps and the person decides to give you the phone number, then you are on the right path but if otherwise then you will surely be rejected.

Watch the video below: