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“Kiss Your Girlfriend In The Middle Of An Argument, They Will Think They Are In A Telenovela”-Delay Tells Men

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Award-winning TV personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, well known as Delay has shared one of the secrets men have to know to shut their girlfriends up in the middle of arguments.


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Well, per my own assertions, in order to win an argument, one has to be a woman or at least look like one that is why lawyers wear wigs in the courtroom.

Apart from babies, women turn out to be the loudest creatures on earth and as such in every argument especially with the opposite sex, they turn to portray their loudness with needless points just to win the case.

Well, Delay has taken to the bird app to advise men on how to shut their girlfriends up in the middle of arguments since they cannot win them.

According to her, it is advisable for men to kiss their women in the middle of arguments just to shut them up. She said that women love it when it happens that way because they will think they in a Telenovela.

She wrote; Kiss her in the middle of an argument. Girls like that they think they’re in a telenovela

See the tweet below:

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The veteran Gospel singer who wowed Ghanaians with soul-inspiring and melodious tunes almost two decades ago used to be slender and dark-skinned. That was her image and brand back then until she went on hibernation and surfaced years later with a complete makeover.

Source: Ghgossip.com