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Joey B Lacks Professionalism – GMG Alleges

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Gbevu Music Group (GMG) has issued a statement accusing Ghanaian musician Joey B of lacking competence.


Joey B, according to the label, has refused to post “Come Over,” a song by UK-based Afrobeats singer Loofy, on his social media sites, despite several requests.

Gbevu Music Group (GMG), the management label that helped negotiate the partnership for Loofy, acknowledged Joey B’s lack of consideration.

 professionalism is an important part of any working relationship, and that its absence has caused the profession to lose credibility over time.

There is no reason why an artiste should not recognize another’s talent and pay him appropriately for his efforts.

There is no reason not to praise an artiste who takes to the trouble of understanding another’s worth and paying him appropriately for his work.

What’s the harm in publishing a few posts for work you’ve already been paid for? It’s odd that the same artiste can gladly share irrelevant posts when the work for which he was paid is clearly neglected.

Joey B is no stranger to the music industry, and he should know that every small effort goes a long way toward establishing a brand.

The video for the song “Come Over” was shot by Yaw SkyFace, and the groovy music has garnered a lot of great feedback since its debut.

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