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Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh threaten fire and brimstone as police plans to release alleged child molester Baba Ijesha from custody

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“I don’t know who is in charge of Baba Ijesha’s case but I have made it my business because a teenager is involved. And I want to say this to whoever is in charge of this case that is thinking…because a lot of my colleagues have called me to stop talking about this issue, but as long as they continue to play magomago, I am going to be on this issue,” Ojo said on Wednesday night.

For Dikeh, the decision of the police to release the alleged child molester means war.

“I knew this would happen. Hence I have been pursuing for this case to be transferred to Abuja. I don’t mind taking care of the accommodation, security and transportation for the victim’s team. I said it, this is war because of my inside knowledge of this case. It’s really going to be a war,” Tonto wrote.

Ojo also expressed her desire for Baba Ijesha to be used as a scapegoat.

“This live video is for the people in charge of this case. We are going to say no to molestation and yes I stand to use one of my own as a scapegoat. If they release Baba Ijesha, we are going to rearrest him and this will no longer be a state thing, it will now become Federal,” she added.

According to the source, because of the ongoing JUSUN strike, the actor cannot be detained indefinitely without trial.

Interestingly, the source also shared some suspicion in the allegations levelled against the actor.

Regarding this new case, the CCTV footage has been assessed and nowhere was it captured that Baba Ijesha defiled her. The footage only showed him touching the victim’s body but it never showed him having any sexual intercourse with the girl. The girl also confirmed the same thing,” the source said.

This comment has been greeted with an uproar on social media, with Nigerians slamming the police.

The teenager is the foster daughter of popular Nigerian comedian, Princess.