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Ivorians welcome reopening of land borders

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The reopening of land borders between Ivory Coast and its neighbours was greeted with pleasure by many on the streets after the federal government’s announcement on Wednesday night.

Since March 2020 that the Ivorian authorities closed all borders after the nation was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m very pleased (with the reopening of the border between Ivory Coast and Ghana, Ed.) it permits me to take my bus from Niamey to Abidjan and from Abidjan to Niamey (with none adjustments, Ed.) as a result of it has been three years since I returned to Abidjan. It damage me quite a bit. As we speak, I’m pleased as a result of I’m going to return to Abidjan and discover my outdated pals”, stated Yahaya Djerwo, driver of the bus coming from Niger by way of Ghana.

Ivory Coast borders Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana.
Border closures led to financial hardship alongside cities reliant on cross-border commerce.

“It’s the Ghanaians who’re our clients. With the closure (of the borders, Ed.), they might now not come and purchase our merchandise, so lots of them have gone old-fashioned. As we heard yesterday that the borders have been opened, so this morning I introduced a truck (of rice, Ed.) for the store there, we actually hope that it’ll begin to work once more”, concluded Adamou Madougou Hassan, dealer on the Ivory Coast-Ghana border.

Ivorian sea and air borders reopened after just a few months however land borders remained closed till this Thursday.