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‘I’ve Not Blocked Kwesi Arthur’s Shine’- Kwaku Flick

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New kid on the block, Kwaku Flick has stated categorically that his emergence into the rap sphere and the music industry in general has not blocked the shine of colleague Kwesi Arthur in any way as some people are suggesting.


When the host inquisitively asked him if Kwesi Authur has been relegated to the background since he sprouted to the mainstream, he answered, ‘Oh no it’s impossible to make Kwesi Arthur get lost or missing in the game after I emerged on the music scene.’

As an artiste he might be seriously working on the low just like the way I’m also doing my own thing. No one knows what he can come out with and no one also knows the bangers I’m putting together behind the scenes,” he spoke further.

“So I guess if you’ve not been regularly hearing from Kwesi Arthur then he’s probably putting things together behind the scenes but I can’t say I’m the reason for his disappearance from the music scene if indeed that’s the reality,” he added.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com