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It’s Disrespectful To Call Your Husband By His Name – Woman Sparks Debate Online

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A South African woman has started a needless debate online after she admonished ladies to call their men with pet names instead of their real names which she argued to be disrespectful.


The lady who is said to be a renowned journalist from the Rainbow Nation said a woman calling her boyfriend or husband by his name is a disrespectful act. She wrote; ”Stop calling your man by his name, have some respect.”


@Nhlahla_Mdladla said; Another thing that’s disrespectful is Pumpkin…. Imagine the man of the house being called pumpkin.

@NomsaMadida; His mother named him that, now Brenda from Twitter is telling us not to call them by their name.

@buhle84; I’m like, so all day from the moment he wakes up people are disrespecting him by calling him by the name his parents so lovingly bestowed upon him?!? I mean some of the names that we have are blessings from our parents, now it’s disrespectful to use them because Brenda said.

@colbykasongo_; I actually prefer to be called by my name; Calling me with nicknames like ; Baby, Love ,honey doesn’t sit well with me..

@aimow_za; Actually I don’t mind it. I mean yeah babe is great, maybe even a cool pet name or “Master”, or “Dzaddy”. But don’t call me “baba” that shit is weird

@Sabelisiwe15; What do you mean? You mean his name gives him no dignity? Haibo it’s his name what should we call him.

@Iam_Khuthadzo; I prefer to be called by my surname or clan name but they call me Nana or Lala.