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‘I won’t date a girl who asks for data if I were a boy’ – Delay

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It does make sense to a lot that the purchase of mobile internet bundles should be the duty of a guy who might not even be married to the lady.

It is a growing debate among the youth of today as to whose responsibility it is to take care of everything in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Delay says she would not have dated any lady who constantly asks for data if she were a boy.

In a tweet on October 4, Delay wrote. “ If I were a boy, I would never date a girl who constantly asks for data.”

A chunk of her followers responded to her statement. Many agreed with her and otherwise.

a tweep Nana Adjei Emmanuel replied: “A lady who asks for data from the beginning should tell you she can not be your permanent partner, she has nothing to offer.”

Nana Akosua Adobea also added: “There are a lot you wouldn’t have dated. Those who’ll come to your house without tnt to and fro, you’ll pay when she arrives n give her when leaving”.

Meek Emerald also had a thing to say: “If we refuse to give you girls money now una go say we stingy you don see am abi?

Sometimes most guys are not willing to give ladies money for data but the competition demands them to.”