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I will be annoyed if I see uninvited guests at my wedding – Temi Otedola

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She added that she is very private.

“I’m really private. Even for a birthday party, everyone there, I would have to rock with you. I don’t do any fake fake, oh come to my birthday if we are not that close. It’s always squad.

In a new episode of their podcast How Far, Temi said “if it was up to me, it will be family and 5 friends. Sorry, a lot of you are going to be upset but it’s going to be tight.”

Mr Eazi also indicated he will like the guests at his wedding to be people he knows.

“I think I like small wedding. I remember my sisters’ wedding there were so many people, I was like, who are all these people. We obviously don’t know these people. So, I like a small wedding.”

Temi also joked that anyone who wants them to have a big wedding should be ready to pay ten thousand dollars per person or one million dollars for a table.

The couple agreed that they needed only ten close family and friends at their wedding. Noting that their families are made up of private individuals, they revealed that Temi’s dad, billionaire businessman Femi Otedola suggested that they have a small wedding in the house.

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi got engaged in April 2022. Temi announced her engagement in a 38 seconds clip on her Instagram with the caption just including the infinity sign.

In 2018, Mr Eazi recounted how he met Temi.

“I met Temi in London. It was an event; her sister invited me to an event. Her sister was playing at the event, somewhere in Nightbridge, and she said, oh, come out, come out, follow me to this event, so I followed her to the event, and then she was deejaying, and all of a sudden it was just me and Temi sitting down and just watching her.”