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“I Want Ghana To Work Very Badly”- Lydia Forson Cries Out Loud

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Outspoken Ghanaian actress and feminist Ms Lydia Forson has stated its her wish that the system in the country works very badly.

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She is she is always going to hope and pray for any government in power who is willing to better the lives of the people of Ghana unless some politicians whose success depend on the failing of some governments, she wants the government to succeed as it will benefit her as a citizen.

I want Ghana to work- very badly. And I’m always going to hope & pray for whoever’s in power to do this. Unlike some politicians who’s success depend on a government failing, I need our government to succeed because it benefits me.

She also sent a word to some social media users who instead of urging their politicians in power to work, have allegedly been paid to always attack other people with opposing views to desist from that describing them as ‘goats rubbing their skin against your masters house in anger’.


To the people paid( yes it’s no longer a secret) to come and attack people over their opposing views; you’re just like the goats rubbing their skin against your masters house in anger. It is your country and yourself you’re destroying. How long can you live on GH700?

She added some people are also found of posting economics figures on social media to prove that the government is really doing well but the reality is that, those figures are meaningless if the average Ghanaian can’t afford 3 square meals a day.

To the people who come and write economics in my comments when I speak about this government, please understand that, these numbers don’t mean shit to someone who can’t get drinking water, access to hospitals or can’t afford 3 square means Ok?

SOURCE: GhGossip.com