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‘I don’t like Shatta Wale, he has never said anything good about me’ – Strongman

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During a recent interview, Strongman expressed concern that he doesn’t understand why Shatta Wale speaks ill about him because he has never hit at him personally or through his music.

Shatta doesn’t like me and I also don’t like him. So we are not cool. On many occasions, I haven’t seen or heard him say anything good about me. Never!!” he said.

The ‘Nightmare’ rapper continued that Shatta Wale’s “fans are aware and my people know so we know what is happening, it’s not a big deal and I have accepted it in good faith. Anytime he speaks and I’m mentioned, then I’m aware he will give it to me”.

Strongman went on to add that “I have never hit at him so I don’t understand what bad I have done to him. But I have been doing this work for a while and I’m used to everything so I don’t care who likes me”.

Strongman concluded that he doesn’t have any siblings in the Ghanaian music industry, therefore, he doesn’t care who likes him as he is only focused on his craft. Hear more from him in the video below.