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How about KIA being changed to JJ Rawlings International Airport? – Sonnie Badu to Akufo-Addo

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He made this petition just after the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Sonnie Badu made this known in an Instagram post while eulogising the ‘man of the people’.

He shared a photo with Rawlings and captioned: “JJ do something before you die” that was the chants!!! You indeed did all you needed to you …. You will always be a role model to some of us. Thank you for all you did for Ghana. Your burial is so beautiful it makes some of us want to work even harder and make the nation proud …… Now dear president, @nakufoaddo How about Kotoka international airport being changed to JJ Rawlings International Airport? In all honesty It would be nice to hear his name more often all over the world at different airports “flight 737 flying to Jerry John Rawlings International Airport Accra, Ghana “ … I know God will touch your heart to do this … just saying.”

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This is not the first time that Sonnie Badu asked that the name of the airport is changed.

Last year, he publicly claimed that Ghana will only enjoy peace if the airport’s name is changed and further noted that Kotoka is ‘sitting at the gateway to Ghana’.

He made this statement on A-Plus’ post on Instagram, saying: “And he is sitting at the gateway to Ghana … well you just solved the problem…until the name is changed Ghana will never have their peace… The one who got is independence should have his name at the airport.”