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Here’s what startups and experts have to say about The Big Break

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Some say it is their first cheque and the confidence of the first investor. For others, it is an event that propels growth. And for still others, it is the idea itself. On the other hand, many experts believe it is a series of breakthroughs that gives startups a break towards hypergrowth. In the fiercely competitive landscape of startups, to be successful would be to identify and leverage that break that gives them hypergrowth. The turning point in the journey of a startup depends as much on the category of operation (B2B or B2C), as on the sector it services. And while fund raisers make headlines, a startup has to get its distribution networks right and leverage latest technology to ensure growth and customer acquisition. The next step is to retain the acquired customers. Amidst all this, the startup also must ensure it leverages business breaks and capitalises on its USP to stay ahead of competition.

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Meet the Drapers is a groundbreaking Silicon Valley entrepreneurial show where the Draper Family hunts for the next billion-dollar idea and the viewers get to invest in their favorite companies. To learn more about Meet the Drapers, go to www.MeetTheDrapers.com to see how you can participate in a virtual casting call and apply to be on season 5!

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