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Glass Marcano: A rising star in classical music arts

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Glass Marcano, from Venezuela is a rising star in the men dominated world of classical music conductors. She won the “La Maestra Competition”, the first-ever International Competition for Women Conductors in Paris last September. There were twelve competitors selected from a list of 200 applicants, representing 51 nationalities.

Marcano was awarded 20,000 euros, professional concert engagements, and a two year mentoring programme with the prestigious Philharmonie de Paris and the Paris Mozart Orchestra.

“I think the most important thing is to make music, regardless of gender, colour. The most important thing is the passion and energy you have on stage. But I am super happy and grateful to have this responsibility to represent a group of people who believe in me, who support me. It’s very important to me”, Marcano said.

Her incredible talent is an inspiration to her colleagues in the classical music industry.

“She is very, very clear, very precise, she is very inspired too. You can feel that she lives music, she breathes music”, said Audrey Rousseau, violinist at the Opéra de Tours.

For Director of the Tours Opera, Laurent Campellone: “We have like that three, four great musicians, great conductors per generation. I am convinced that Glass is of that generation, one of the greatest conductors in the making.”

According to “La Maestra” website, a recent study shows that only 4% of conductors programmed by French musical institutions are women. The situation is no better in Europe, where only 6% of conductors are women.