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‘Ghanaians love turning positive things into negative’ – Efia Odo

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According to her, she has observed that many people in the country are extremely negative to the point of even turning positive happenings into negatives.

She did not indicate what exactly caused her to post that tweet. However, she believes that such an attitude will not help the country to develop.

“Y’all negative AF! Ghanafuor love turning positive things into negative!!!!”

For a while now, Efia Odo has advocated for better governance in Ghana for a while now.

She was among social media influencers and some youths who started the #FixTheCountry campaign. Her activism got her arrested and bailed.

After that incident, she shunned active public advocacy concerning socio-polical issues in the country.

This was because, according to her, her life was threatened and her mother also begged her to quit her advocacy.

“God knows I love my mom. Everything I do is for my mom. So she is the reason why I really stopped. So, the death threats, I didn’t really care about them. I would have gone. I didn’t care about those death threats and acid threats. It was my mom that made me change my mind about the whole fix the country thing,” she said in an interview last year.

On May 25, she tweeted from her current base in Brooklyn, New York that President Akufo-Addo is more interested in his “luxurious lifestyle than helping Ghanaians.”