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‘Ghana government should legalise scamming’ – Kwaw Kese fires gov’t

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According to the “Bottles” rapper, the factory price for Sputnik vaccines is USD10 but the Ghana government is selling it for USD26.

For this reason, Kwaw Kese has labelled the government as ‘scammers’ and asked them to legalise scamming in the country.

He made this statement on Twitter a few days ago.

“I think Ghana government should legalize scamming,” he tweeted. “A whole government scamming its citizens, how!!! Sputnik vaccines cost 10$ and the government is charging 26$ per vaccine. @NAkufoAddo how come Mr President??? Who gets the 16$?”

He also lashed out at Ghanaians for celebrating mediocre and not demanding accountability from the government.

Kwaw Kese said Ghanaians fail to protest against the same issues Nigerians are protesting against all in the name of peace.

He tweeted: “The same issues Nigerians are protesting against, Ghanaians will give to God …. All in the name of y3p3 peace.”