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Gashaw and Gebrselama win Great Ethiopian Run

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The postponed Great Ethiopian Run on Sunday crowned Abe Gashaw for the men and Tsige Gebrselama for the women.

Gashaw, 22, won the 10-kilometer race with 28:19, his second victory after his 2016 win.

For a large part of the race, he ran behind training partner and friend, Tadesse Worku but overtook in the final stretch.

Gashaw, a member of the Amhara Prisons Club, said he had prepared in a focused way for this race, choosing to stay in his home town of Debre Birhan (altitude 2,840m) and only coming to Addis Ababa in time for the athletes’ COVID-19 pre-race testing on Friday morning.

Gebrselama won the women’s race in 32:32. Her victory comes after she narrowly missed out on first place two years ago due to misdirection in the race’s final 200M.

A total of 9000 participants took part in the mass races. It’s far fewer than the last race last year when some 30,000 competed.

COVID-19 precautions were made this year and the race had been postponed for two months.

The race was staged in three waves set off at fifteen-minute intervals, everyone had their temperatures checked when arriving at the event.

Runners also had to wear masks before and after the 10k run.