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Fuse ODG Reacts After American Actor, Will Smith Mentioned Him As The King Of AFROBEATS

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In his submission, the actor hailed the musician as King of Afrobeats and he hailed him during a session on an episode of the Bel-Air Series.

Reacting to this, Fuse ODG shared the video and added the reaction;

“Raaaa Raaaa Raaaah what an honour to be mentioned in the modern version of your favourite childhood show Fresh Prince. repping for the culture…The New Africa is here and it’s mad to see it come to fruition. It’s a worldwide movement 🌍 NEW MUSIC COMING 💥

Weeks ago, Fuse ODG was in the news as he indicated that he doesn’t support Shatta Wale’s outburst aimed at Nigerians when he accused them of not reciprocating the massive love Ghanaians have for them.

While being interviewed on TV3’s Showbiz360, Fuse ODG said Shatta Wale went overboard with some of the things he said.

He further branded the subject matter of Wale’s tantrums as unnecessary and on a broader spectrum alarming while insisting that supporting one another and promoting Ghana’s music is rather the core element in achieving the results he envisages.

“I feel some of the things he said were unnecessary and alarming but I can understand where he is coming from in terms of us not getting the same support from our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. But you know, he could have definitely put it better so I don’t agree with him. All these are not necessary, there is a bigger battle. We need to support each other”, Fuse argued.

Source: www.ghgossip.com