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Funny Face calls for DNA test on first daughter (VIDEO)

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However, to the surprise of many, Funny Face shared a photo of a young girl that he says is his first daughter.

GYE NYAME YAW BOATENG’s PHOTOCOPY .. YAW BOATENG’s chip of the old block .. #FUNNYFANs I present to you YAA BOATEMAA .. my first born Daughter !!. YAA BOATEMAA DADDY loves you for life,” he captioned the photo.

However, some fans doubted Funny Face as this becomes the first time he is claiming to have a daughter older than Ella and Bella.

Responding to the comments in a new video he posted, Funny Face said Yaa Boatemah is his first daughter but lives in Germany with her mother. According to him, he fathered the girl but her mother decided to name another man as the father of Yaa Boatemaa

Funny Face, therefore, insists that Yaa Boatemaa is his daughter because she even looks like his twin daughters as well and he would therefore like a DNA test to be conducted on the girl to confirm his as the father. Hear more from him in the video below.