September 23, 2023

Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

Here is a full list of  Davido’s baby mamas and their children.

Full List of Davido's Baby Mamas and Their Children
Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

With the ongoing romantic allegations levied against Davido, one will be curious to know how many baby mamas the singer has.

Davido has been in the news lately for his romantic involvement with an American lady, Anita Brown who claims to be pregnant with the singer’s child.

Although being married to Chioma Rowland, his university sweetheart, Davido has not stopped spreading his seeds across borders.

Following the allegations of Brown, other persons who have been allegedly involved romantically with the singer sprung up with their receipts.

In light of this, Mp3bullet has put together a list of Davido’s baby mamas and their children.

Sophia Momodu

Full List of Davido's Baby Mamas and Their Children
Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

Sophia is the mother of Davido’s first child, Imade Adeleke. She is the niece of renowned Nigerian journalist and owner of the Ovation International, Dele Momodu.

When Davido was still a student at the university, their story began. In 2014, Davido first encountered her on a plane. They were both assigned seats, and after talking to each other briefly on the flight, they eventually started dating.

They never had a romantic relationship, but they did hook up a few times, and Sophia finally became pregnant as a result. Imade was born in 2015.

Ayomide Labinjo

Full List of Davido's Baby Mamas and Their Children 7
Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

In 2018, Labinjo called out the singer, for not claiming his alleged child with her, Christened Anuoluwapo Michelle Adeleke, who was already four. She called out Davido and his family to take up paternal responsibility and requested a new independent deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test to be carried out.

Also, she claimed that the result of the DNA test carried out by Adeleke’s family in Lagos State when the child was 10-month-old, which allegedly turned out negative, was not correct.

Further, she alleged that Davido influenced it. She called for another test now that the child is much older.

Speaking at a press conference, Ayomide said , “My family and I had made efforts to handle this case amicably. All efforts to reach him proved abortive, because he had blocked all access to him. Until recently, when his cousin, BRed connected with me and asked me to download Imo App in order to do video chat. He had a video chat with me, asking me if I still liked him (Davido) and asked for my age. We have also been to Osun State to meet with his family, but all our efforts did not yield a positive result. I am not interested in being his wife. All I want him to do is to take up his responsibility as the father of our child.”



Not much is revealed about how David and Amanda commenced their relationship, however, what we know about Amanda is she is a model who resides in Atlanta, USA.

On May 9th, 2017, the singer welcomed a child with her, named Hailey.

Some weeks back, claims surfaced about the model having a second child for the singer, and neither Davido nor Amanda has come out to deny such claims.


In fact, one of Davido’s aides noted that Amanda was pregnant before Ifeanyi’s death and she has since put to bed.

Chioma Rowland

Full List of Davido's Baby Mamas and Their Children
Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

If there is one woman who has been in the spotlight of David’s life, it is surely Chioma Avril Rowland – the mother of his firstborn son, Ifeanyi who passed away tragically, after drowning in his father’s pool.

From their  Babcock days, Davido and Chioma have shared an unwavering bond and he has always been vocal about his feelings for her.

As a show of his deep commitment towards their relationship, he released ‘Assurance‘ –  a song dedicated to her. After the tragic death of their son last year, news broke that the singer legally married her which he has confirmed and rumour has it that she is currently pregnant with another child.

Larissa Lorenco (London)

Full List of Davido's Baby Mamas and Their Children
Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

In 2017, Davido and Larissa sparked dating rumors while the singer was working in London. This was the same time Davido was having issues with Chioma.

Both were seen together on several occasions, including the 2017 MOBO award show. Speaking on how they met, Larissa told fans on social media that she met the singer while working as a makeup artist.

However, after the news of their relationship broke out in the media, neither Davido nor Larissa confirmed the rumors.

In March 2020, rumors of Larissa London being pregnant with Davido’s son made the news. This was during the time Davido recently welcomed his first son Ifeanyi Adeleke with his Chioma.

However, Davido reportedly blocked Larissa after she gave birth to their son Dawson, as he wasn’t sure the baby was his.

Two years later, Davido was spotted carrying their son Dawson after they attended a church service. This came after the singer had a DNA test which came out positive.

Anita Brown

News broke about an affair between Anita Brown, an American pornstar and self-acclaimed businesswoman and Davido on the 27th of June, 2023. She claimed to be pregnant with the singer’s child via an Instagram live session, causing a spark on social media.

Ivanna Bay

Paris-based lady who came out this week after Anita made her claim and become the latest in the list of baby mamas associated with Davido.

Full List of Davido’s Baby Mamas and Their Children

  • Sophia Momodu – Imade
  • Ayomide Labinjo – Ayomide
  • Amanda –  Hailey
  • Chioma Rowland – Ifeanyi
  • Larissa Lorenco London – Dawson
  • Anita Brown – in-view
  • Ivanna Bay – in-view


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