September 23, 2023

Freeme Music Launches Inaugural West Africa Writing Camp

On Wednesday, August 6, 2023, Lagos Nigeria; Freeme Music, Nigeria’s prominent independent record label established in 2020, is taking another meaningful step in its mission to foster the growth of African music. With an unwavering commitment to talent discovery, nurturing, and advancement, Freeme Music has made significant strides with its two recording artists, a dynamic team, and visionary leadership.

Earlier this year, the label proudly introduced Pawzz, the gifted 20-year-old Nigerian afro-fusion artist from Port Harcourt who joined Ninety as the label’s exclusive talents (both Apple Music Up Next artists). Today, Freeme Music is setting its sights even higher, focusing on expanding the music ecosystem, promoting African pop culture, and cultivating a growing roster of songwriters and composers across the region.

Freeme Music has today launched its inaugural writing camp in West Africa, slated to take place in the vibrant city of Cotonou, Benin Republic in  September 2023. This exciting initiative is a testament to Freeme Music’s ongoing efforts to amplify support and drive growth opportunities for creative communities across the African continent.

Freeme music writing Camp Banner
Freeme music writing Camp banner

The five-day-long event promises enriching activities designed to nurture and empower emerging talents. Highlights include exclusive sessions with renowned songwriters, artists, and producers, as well as creative/A&R mixers, wellness activities, and community outreach workshops dedicated to uplifting the next generation of songwriters, producers, and music composers.

In a statement from Freeme Music CEO, Michael Ugwu, he expressed his sentiments regarding the upcoming camp:

As part of our unwavering dedication to the African music ecosystem, I am deeply honored to spearhead the creation of an environment where African creatives can flourish, forge connections, and drive innovation. I am already excited about the incredible music that will undoubtedly emerge from this camp.

Freeme Music’s inaugural writing camp represents a unique opportunity for artistic development for Pawzz and Ninety and the camp’s exceptional lineup of producers, including Jonn P, Altimz, Psalmist, and more.

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