September 25, 2023

Emtee feels emotion after functioning at CottonFest Durban

  • Following his performance at CottonFest Durban, Emtee gets emotional.

Emtee feels emotion after performing at CottonFest Durban
Emtee feels emotion after performing at CottonFest Durban

Ndevu Mthembeni, better known by his stage name Emtee, explained how he broke down in tears during Cotton Fest Durban.

After Kiernan AKA Forbes was shot and died in Durban on February 10th, some South African celebrities chose not to visit the city.

Ndevu claims on Twitter that thinking about the late AKA and Riky Rick nearly made him cry. He was emotional, but he still had a great time at the festival.


“Shit was overwhelming. Riky, Kiernan so much on my mind. Wanted to cry for real. I wasn’t drunk. I don’t drink alcohol. Seeing the people of Durban for the first time in a long time. I was just emotionally fucked bout a lot. Still am,” he wrote.

It would be recalled that Rapper Emtee has opposed rumours that he may challenge A-Reece for Album of the Year. The singer of the song “Pearl Thusi” introduced Lotta’s album, but many people took his remarks to be a challenge to other rappers.

Reece will have a better record, a Twitter user retweeted, to which Emtee replied, “That’s nice for lil bro but I’m big hustle.”

“Lotta albums dropping this year. We’ll see who’s who,” he tweeted.

Emtee became enraged after reading about the alleged challenge on a blog site and turned to Twitter to clarify the situation. Since the rapper denied challenging anyone, the rumours are untrue.

“Niyanya. I said everybody is dropping albums this year. We’ll see who’s who. Respectfully. Stop pushing this notion that I’m some troublemaker. Never challenged anyone on anything. Or yin? English iyan’ hlula?”

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