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Don’t Be Pressured To Have Multiple Children Without A Plan – Rama Brew Advises

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Ace actress Rama Brew has advised couples to desist from having multiple children due to external pressure without any plan for the children.

The beautiful actress who was interviewed by her daughter Michelle Attoh on TV3’s show Today’s woman, Rama talked about how a lot of women are being pressured in this 21st century to have a lot of children without any proper plan ahead. Work, family, and society have mounted pressure on a lot of women especially young mothers to have multiple children.

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Rama said, ‘So if you are a young mother that has just got married, and you have one child. What is the hurry to have a second, and a third, and a fourth when you are not financially stable enough to carry that burden?‘

“Having a child is a 20-year project and beyond. So if you have a first child, it will be wise to save your money, have that child, prepare and lay the foundation for future children. When you have them back to back, who are you going to blame?”


“I mean, then you are stretching yourself thin. The children will get sick if they are not eating well. They will be stressed out depending on the dynamics between your husband and yourself. It is a mote of the bomb that is going to explode.”

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Rama Brew emphasized that young mothers get over burdened and worn out due to the pressure mounted on them to give birth in multiples. She stated that these mothers begin to lose theselves and at the end, its the children who are affected by the other side of the mothers. Rama insisted that no one should go in for children when they aren’t ready for it.

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