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Don Little talks about girls and sex life (VIDEO)

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I have been getting a lot of girls ever since I started acting,” he told Delay. Asked how he gets the girls, he said “through my phone, some too through Instagram and Facebook“. But according to Don Little, he doesn’t take them home because people talk.

Asked where he has been taking them, he said ” you guest houses are not expensive, even now you can get GH30 or GH20 for short time“. Delay asked him if he satisfies them and he replied “if it won’t reach you go and buy ‘wɔma’ and use it”.

‘Wɔma’ as called locally, refers to the pestle used in pounding fufu. Don Little ended his statement in the video below saying that “as for me it is my feeling that I want not yours” Speaking Twin he emphasized that “so when I ejaculate what else? Wake and go home“.