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DKB reports Akuapem Poloo to Police over claims he hoarded GHc4,000 from donations

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DKB, who is very close to Akuapem Poloo, began a campaign to raise money for the actress on social media when she was incarcerated,

However, after being granted bail last week, Akuapem Poloo said the comedian took GHc4,000 from one Maa Alice but account for the money and has also refused to pick her calls.

“Since I came back from prison, people have been calling me from the US and UK, telling me that they’ve given money to someone to give it to me and I didn’t say ‘thank you’ so I’m ungrateful,” she said in the two-minute video she posted Instagram.

“A woman called me yesterday and said she has given GHC4,000 to DKB to give it to me and I didn’t thank her. She spoke bitterly on the phone. So, I picked up my phone and called DKB but he didn’t pick my calls,” she added.

In response, DKB has reported the actress to the Police, insisting she has defamed and tarnished his image.

The comedian posted his Police report on Twitter along with the caption: “Papa ny3 shwii, boni nso ny3 shwiii.

“You can either be ungrateful or a defamer but you decided to be the 2. I swear on every sweat, blood and insults I’ve received, the extent to which I went to support is the same extent I’ll go to drag you over this. It go over you.”

See the police report below: