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Divorce from my ex-wife never got me broke – Emmanuel Eboue

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Speaking in an interview with Kofi Mensah on Empire FM Sports’s World, he said though he lost some properties in the divorce, it didn’t get him broke.

When they said Emmanuel Eboue lost everything; it’s not nice to say that. Because I had a divorce and they said my wife won [the divorce case]. So they gave her all my properties, my two houses, and the cars that I have in England.

“I wasn’t worried about it because I expected that she was going to use it to take of my children. So after that, I left and returned back to Africa”.

He continued: “I have my own properties in Africa and so I live with that. So when I hear people say Emmanuel Eboue lost everything, I laugh. I have properties in Ghana, I have properties in my home country (Ivory Coast).

“So I live very comfortably and I thank God. So when people keep talking and say Emmanuel Eboue doesn’t have anything, he can’t eat, doesn’t have a place to stay, it’s not true.”.