September 24, 2023

Davido turns into first artist to accomplish at PFA Awards.

  • Davido is the first performer to take the stage at the PFA Awards.

Davido becomes first artist to perform at PFA Awards.
Davido becomes first artist to perform at PFA Awards.

Nigerian Afrobeat superstar David Adedeji Adeleke, who is professionally known as Davido has made history by becoming the first artist to perform on stage at the PFA Awards, a moment that will live on in the annals of both sports and entertainment.

This pivotal juncture marks a significant departure from tradition, as Davido takes the spotlight and becomes the very first artist to lend his talents to this esteemed gathering of football excellence.

Davido’s performance represents a daring fusion of two worlds: the prowess of the football arena and the hypnotic attraction of music. The melodies of his music blend with the atmosphere of the event.

He captures the identical passion, commitment, and excitement that characterize both sports and artistic expression with each note and rhythm.


In addition to captivating the audience, this ground-breaking performance gives the PFA Awards’ history a fresh dimension of allure.

The football luminaries and distinguished guests in attendance witness a historic moment unfold before their eyes, as the boundaries between sports and art blur, giving rise to an unprecedented synergy.

Davido’s name now stands as a pioneer, forever associated with the evolution of the PFA Awards.

His performance becomes an essential component of its story, demonstrating the value of creativity, teamwork, and the ability of talent to speak to all people regardless of their field of study.

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