September 22, 2023

Crypto dealer turns $3.2k funding into $313k in 3 weeks

Blockchain analysis reveals a 19-day journey of an anonymous crypto wallet that turned $3.2k into $313k by investing in ICOs and meme tokens.

In a stunning 19-day run, an anonymous crypto wallet owner turned an initial investment of $3,200 into a staggering $313,000.

The meteoric rise was mainly due to a series of astute trades, most notably in the FINE token, according to crypto analyst dealer.eth

From humble inceptions to becoming a whale

Arguably, the most consequential move came when the trader ventured into FINE tokens. Acquired just a day after the token’s listing on Sept. 8, this savvy investor purchased 6 billion FINE for roughly $29,787. This single trade swelled in worth to a net profit of $148,663 within a week, constituting a sizable portion of the wallet’s overall gain.

Interestingly, the investor’s journey didn’t start with substantial capital. Initial trades from this wallet were modest, typically between $3,000 and $5,000. Yet, with smart choices and a keen eye for emerging tokens, the wallet owner capitalized on diversification.

The second-largest profit was accrued from the meme token Real Smurf Cat, which was purchased in the earliest hours following its listing. Though exact figures are not disclosed, it is clear that this trade significantly contributed to the wallet’s ascension.

Other strategic investments included buying into tokens like SUPER and CURVE INU, resulting in profits of $8,796 and $15,023, respectively. A combination of approximately five other tokens added another $52,416 to the net gains.

Though this wallet has hit highs of up to $362,000, its current valuation is $275,000.

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