September 23, 2023

Courtney Westley’s Remarkable fifth Place Finish Inspires Women’s Rowing in South Africa

In a fiercely competitive race, Courtney Westley, a BSc student in Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Pretoria, achieved an extraordinary 5th place finish at the U23 Rowing World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

Her remarkable time of 7:46.61 in the Women’s Single Scull event is a testament to her incredible talent, determination, and unwavering commitment to her sport.

Although the coveted gold medal went to Switzerland, Westley’s achievement has brought immense pride and recognition to women’s rowing in South Africa. Her remarkable performance serves as a shining example for aspiring young female athletes, urging them to follow in her footsteps and set their sights on making the U23 team in 2024.

Westley owes her success not only to her own grit and skill but also to the supportive network surrounding her. The University of Pretoria has proven to be a nurturing home for the RMB National Squad, where remarkable talents like U23 Head Coach Thato Mokoena have played pivotal roles in shaping and guiding athletes like Courtney. Their dedication and expertise have undoubtedly contributed to her remarkable achievements.

Coach Tiago Loureiro, the Head Coach of the RMB National Squad, expressed his overwhelming pride in Westley’s perseverance and commitment. 

Looking ahead to her future in rowing, Coach Loureiro remarked, “Courtney has had a great buildup to her second Under 23 campaign. Still relatively young, we are excited for what her rowing year holds for the future. She will now concentrate on the World Student Games, and we are looking forward to watching her execute some more exciting races.”

None of Westley’s successes would have been possible without the unwavering support of her sponsors and supporters. Rand Merchant Bank has been instrumental in providing the necessary resources for the preparation of the RMB National Squad, enabling athletes like her to reach new heights. The support and commitment of everyone involved have played a significant role in shaping Westley into the exceptional athlete she is today.

As the rowing community comes together to celebrate Courtney Westley’s extraordinary achievement in the U23 Rowing World Championships, it is crucial to acknowledge the collective effort behind her success. Coach Thato Mokoena, the entire support team, and all the fans who have cheered her on every step of the way deserve hearty applause for their contributions.

With the upcoming World Student Games on the horizon, all eyes will be on Westley as she continues to strive for excellence on the global stage. Her determination, talent, and unwavering dedication are an inspiration to aspiring athletes not only in South Africa but around the world. 

Congratulations once again to Courtney Westley on her extraordinary achievement, and here’s to an even brighter future filled with more thrilling races and remarkable victories.

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