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Comedian Princess narrates how actor Baba Ijesha molested her 7-year-old daughter

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In a video shared via her Instagram page on Thursday, April 29, 2021, the comedian gave a graphic detail of how her daughter was molested by the actor.

“I have been getting hate messages from a lot of people. Now leave me out of the picture, imagine your child or younger sibling…imagine Baba Ijesha licking her from head to toe for 30 minutes,” she said.

“Imagine Ijesha pressing her breast, pressing her private parts for 30 minutes. Stop spreading news that you don’t know.”

The actor was arrested about a week ago for molesting the child in question.

Princess said after the crash of her marriage, some parents allowed their children, six in number, to come and live with her so she wouldn’t be lonely.

It was one of those children that Baba Ijesha was allegedly caught molesting.

According to her, the actor first molested the girl when she was seven and tried to do it again when she was 14.