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Chioma’s Parents Got Hate Messages Over Our Relationship-Davido

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One of the most admired couples in Nigerian is Musician, Davido, and Chioma. Davido has recently revealed that the parent of his fiancee, Chioma suffered cyberbullying after their relationship was made public.

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Davido said he decided to be discrete about his life and relationship because he realized that most people are not happy about it.

In an interview with The Juice on Ndani TV, the singer said, “People are wicked. When I released ‘Assurance’, everything blew up.

According to the father of three, Chioma was receiving anonymous text messages from faceless people who turned out to hate her.

She went from being private to public overnight. Even her parents were getting hate text messages. I didn’t know why people were hating. It became really bad and I thought that people did not like good things. It affected our relationship a lot, so when I decided to go offline, we decided that we were not going to talk about our lives again. Before the ‘Assurance’ video, our relationship was so cool, Davido said.

The dynamics changed when our relationship became public; it became like everybody’s relationship. I remember when I was at an airport in Barcelona, a woman pushed me and warned that I must marry her in-law, he added.

Well, their relationship I would say has been one of the best though there has been a bit ups and downs, we wish them the best.

Source: ghgossip.com