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Cape Verdeans embrace aeroponics to spice up produce

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Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and others are lots of the greens that come out of this farm owned by Hélder Silva, who launched aeroponics in Cape Verde, a cultivation method that makes use of 90% much less water and land.

The 48 yr outdated Silva is well-known on the music scene in Cape Verde as Havy H, however now he’s the face of the introduction of aeroponics within the archipelago.

“I’ll summarise what actually caught my consideration. This was agriculture with 90% much less water and 90% much less soil. So I, being a Cape Verdean, stated: this should be oil and gold for Cape Verde, as a result of that’s exactly what we wouldn’t have”

Silva has continued with the will to implement this expertise from america in Cape Verde, the nation the place he studied and lived for about eight years, having contacted a delegate in Ibiza, Spain, who in flip authorised him to be the consultant of name in Cape Verde and the remainder of Africa.

It’s so easy, really easy, since you sow sitting down, you plant sitting down, you wait and also you harvest. No hoe, no manure, no holes, no working the soil

The primary planting on the Afroponic Purahvida farm came about on October 2, 2022, and since then the now farmer has harvested a little bit of the whole lot, from cucumber, okra, lettuce, beetroot, broccoli amongst different produce.

“In two months Cape Verde doesn’t have to import any greens, as a result of right here we produce all types of greens, besides tubers.

The natural merchandise in aeroponics could be grown wherever, from the yard, the terrace or the veranda of the home because it makes use of much less area than standard agriculture or hydroponic technique.