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Bishop Oyedepo: ‘Buhari is an error this nation can never repeat’

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Buhari was re-elected for a second term in office in 2019 and will see out a constitutionally permissible second term in office in May of 2023.

Oyedepo, who has never hid his disdain and dislike for Buhari, laments that the 78-year-old ex-military general has allowed banditry and terrorism to fester on his watch.

“The error this nation made in 2015 will never be repeated forever. The choice of the wicked to sit on the throne of Nigeria will never be repeated.

“This nation will experience a new order of settlement,” the bishop said on Sunday, August 29.

Oyedepo added that: “For the blood of many that they have wasted, their generations will pay for it. Every time the Holy Ghost moves on me in this direction, something happens and I know that, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whom I serve, judgement begins now.

“The Fulani vagabonds are making life impossible for local people and the government claims not to know. Many destinies have been unsettled by the unsettlement in the nation.

“The error this nation made in 2015 will never be repeated. The God of vengeance is rising in defence of this nation today.”

Oyedepo once referred to the Buhari administration as a directionless one and a failure. The popular preacher never misses an opportunity to diss Buhari and the APC from his bully pulpit.