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Beverly Afaglo management drops MOMO details for sympathizers who want to support her

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She shared footage of the incident on social media with a caption that reads “everything gone, my passports, clothes, shoes, bags, wigs, jewellery, perfumes, my furniture, my kitchen everything gone. My kids’ room and all their clothes everything is gone. I’m left with what I wore out that’s all”.

My mum, the kids’ nanny, the kids and I are all left with nothing. This country let’s stop doing partisan politics and set our priorities right and stop the misplaced priorities. Ghana hmmmmmm,” she added.

Friends and fans of the Ghanaian actress, married to Choirmaster of Praye fame, have since been sympathizing with her. According to an official statement by, Cine God Studios with, her management outfit, people have been asking about how to support the actress.

Accordingly, the outfit has shared details of a MOMO number for interested people to send donations to.

Management has since been inundated with calls from fans, well-wishers and colleagues in the industry, many of whom have expressed willingness to offer support to the actress at this difficult time. Hence account numbers have been added to this release after a consensus, for all and sundry who would want to make donations to aid the actress to recover from this tragic loss” the statement said.

We would like to state emphatically that this decision is Management’s and not the actress’. Once again, thank you all for the love and support. Both Management and Beverly sincerely appreciate them. MoMo Number: 0557386933 Name: Trudy Ameko B.A.B Handy Man Ghana Limited 1234567890123“.

See the statement below which also gives an account of how the fire started.