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Believe Your Mother’s Intuition About Your Friends — Media Personality, Caroline Mutoko Tells Ladies

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According to Caroline Mutoko in a recent post on her Facebook, when your mother has a bad feeling about one of your friends, you must believe her.

She pointed out that your mother have seen the way your friends look at you when you are not looking and sees what you don’t see.

There’s an ADAGE. What an ELDER sees while Sitting, a Child can’t see while CLIMBING a LADDER 🪜. They’re ELDERS with experience.


Omoh. Leave all these talk. If you listen to your mama you no go get friends. Just use your head. Even your enemies can be very useful when you are smart.


Not always true. Sometimes, yes, but a lot of times, our mothers judge our friends by appearance, knowing zero about them. No be so Vero my mother tell me say she no wan see Ngozi for her house again? Why? Ngozi dey wear trouser…she turned out to be best babe ever!!!😂


My mum is highly observant and sensitive around people. She knows when people are lying or being shady.