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BBTitans: Yemi, Yvonne, Nelisa, Sandra others nominated for eviction

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Large Brother Titans housemates have nominated one another for doable eviction on Sunday.

Recall that Biggie had paired the housemates with the other gender and nationality on Sunday.

He stated every pair will play the sport with their companions and anybody who will get a strike could be evicted or get disqualified, affecting the companion.

Throughout the nomination course of, Biggie requested every pair to appoint to different pairs for eviction.

Right here is how they nominated;

Thabang and Nana nominate Theo/Yvonne and Justin/Yvonne

Nelisa and Yemi nominate Sandra/Theo and Justin/Yvonne

Juicy Jay/Olivia nominate Thabang/Nana and Theo/Sandra

Jaypee/Lukay nominate Sandra/Theo and Yemi/Nelisa

Yvonne/Justin nominate Tsatsii/Ebubu Yemi/Nelisa

Tsatsii/Ebubu nominate Sandra/Theo and Jaypee/Lukay

Kanaga/Blue Aiva nominate Jaypee/Lukay and Olivia/Juicy Jay

Marvin/Yaya nominate Sandra/Theo and Khosi/Miracle

Jennie O/Mmeli nominate Sandra/Theo and Tsatsii/Ebubu

Sandra/Theo nominate Khosi/Miracle and Thabang/Nana

Miracle/Khosi nominate Sandra/Theo and Tsatsii/Ebubu

On the finish of the method Nelisa, Yemi, Yvonne, Justin, Sandra, Theo

Ebubu and Tsatsii had been nominated for eviction.

Nevertheless, the HOH BlaqLeng saved Royalty (Ebubu and Tsatsii) and changed them with Olivia and Juicy Jay.