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BBNaija’s Venita Akpofure says there are too many deceptive people on social media

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The reality TV star made this known via her Twitter page on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

“Social media is very deceiving… got ppl lieing in layers like a wedding cake. Avoid me o. If u want to lie to the public in peace don’t add me inside. You will actually regret it,” she tweeted.

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“Too many ppl being deceptive about what they own or don’t own. Even age sef can’t be trusted again. I turned 34 a few days ago. There’s ppl that are 35 every year since I was 25, I’m this same Nigeria.”

“Others forgot their peers are still alive n well in this world with school pictures of them sef as proof.”

“Those ones are sweet 16 forever. When people confront me about why I don’t hide my age, my response is easy. I’m actually PROUD of myself at the age God gave me. I don’t even look my age. I have much to be thankful for.”

“I’m sure one idiot will come n start claiming sub. Biko rest. I don’t know u in advance and my chest is full enough for me to own what I say. I don’t need you to Force it any direction. Thank you.”

Akpofure is a popular British Nigerian actress, reality TV star, model and former video vixen.