September 24, 2023

BBNaija All-Stars: Pere punches the wall whilst arguing with Doyin

Big Brother Naija All-Stars fans were thrown into shock today. Housemate Pere flies into a violent fit during a verbal disagreement with fellow housemate, Doyin.

Fans all over social media are reacting to a clip of Pere punching a hole in the wall in the Big Brother Naija house. The housemate and Doyin had a disagreement this afternoon, which made Pere so angry that he punched a hole right through the wall.

The disagreement started very tame. Pere was explaining to another housemate that he did not like the way Doyin handled an earlier disagreement they had. Doyin reached him by calling him a liar, and the conversation devolved from that point.

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Doyin began raising her voice and calling Pere names. She says:

‘You know da$n well for a fact that you said that shit. You’d rather sit there and lie and say that Doyin lied, Doyin is the instigator and you can live with your conscience knowing that I’m not lying, knowing that I was a third party there. Because it’s easy to blame it on Doyin and say Doyin is the liar. What motive do I have to lie? F%^(ing liar… No balls. It’s easy for them to put it on my head.’

Other housemates tried to intervene and separate. While they were doing so, Big Brother called Pere into the diary room. Now, fans all over the country are eagerly waiting for Big Brother’s judgement about this incident. 

Some fans had a strong reaction to this fight. Here are some of the fans’ reactions to the fight:

Big Brother better give Pere a double strike, a raging lunatic -@feyisparkles

Pere punches the wall in an attempt to intimidate Doyin. I hope Multichoice is happy.- @SoAmithedrama

A strike incoming for Pere- @thatafrikanboy

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