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Atiku wants Nigerians to unite and elect ‘wise leader’

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The 74-year-old said in a speech delivered at Arewa House on Thursday, November 4, 2021 that lack of unity is depriving the country of fulfilling its potential.

He said Nigerians must be able to accept one another regardless of differences and operate with common purpose.

“Throughout my life, I have never looked at Nigerians as diverse people. In my eyes, all Nigerians are the same,” he said.

The former presidential candidate said Nigerians must overcome differences of ethnicity and religion to truly accept one another.

He also noted that language is another primary source of disunity, and proposed that Nigeria enact a law for citizens to speak at least one more language from another region.

Atiku noted that uniting Nigerians won’t happen by accident, but by strategic efforts which he suggested can only be achieved by the right leadership.

He said Nigerians are trapped in a cycle of poverty, insecurity, backwardness, and bad governance, and must be deliberate about overcoming those challenges.

“This can only happen if we can vote for that kind of wise leader who can see our potential and direct us away from danger. The choice is in our hands,” he said.

Atiku has contested in numerous presidential elections and finished second at the polls in 2019, a result he challenged until his ultimate loss at the Supreme Court.

He has not denied reports he’s gearing to run again in 2023, despite the widespread demandA for the next president to be a southerner.