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Atiku tackles FG, APC governors, asks them to work like PDP governors

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The former Vice President said only states controlled by PDP governors are working based on projects that have been commissioned in those state.

Atiku, while calling on the FG to copy PDP governors to embark on infrastructural development projects, said he can’t recall any APC states commissioning projects.

The former VP said this on Thursday, November 25, 2021, when he commissioned a 4.2-kilometre road constructed by the Bauchi State government in Bauchi.

Atiku commended the state governor, Bala Mohammed, saying he was impressed by the infrastructural developments he saw in the state.

He said, “Let me start by commending you because you have done very, very excellently well. For the few hours I have been in Bauchi today, I have been impressed by the infrastructural developments that I have personally seen and not been told.

“These programmes that you have implemented and continue to implement, are the bedrock of development be it educational, health care delivery or any other aspects of development. But, most importantly, these developmental projects have become instruments of economic empowerment”.

He, therefore, called on the FG and APC governors to emulate PDP governors.

I wish the federal government will copy what the PDP governors and PDP states are doing in this country because, in every PDP state you go, you will find infrastructural development projects taking place.

“I cannot recall any APC states commissioning projects. Therefore, your Excellency, you are virtually laying the pathway to the return of PDP in this state and in the country at large. I want to commend your contributions in that regard,” he said.

The 4.2-kilometre road was named Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Road.