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Artistes who have been poor before manage their finances well – Epixode

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“I think that it’s an individual mindset and an individual decision to stay relevant because some people get the opportunity to be in the limelight and get hit songs but they are not able to manage it well.”

“When you have experienced poverty before, if you get small money, you’d know how to control it so the best thing that keeps me going is always trying to build upon the craft.”

He pointed out that continuous learning is a key factor for any artiste who want to maintain their relevance in the music industry.

“Trying to stay relevant and trying to learn, me for instance if you book me for a show, I make sure that when I come, I make sure I learn from the different artistes on the bill.

“That is why I have stayed consistent till now so it’s not really about entering into the game but how consistent you’d stay as an artiste which you’ll feel the longevity in the industry,” he said in an interview Cape Coast based Kastle FM.