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APC convention: I’ve not stepped down from chairmanship race – Monidafe

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Ahead of the national convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) slated for February 26, Mr Sunny Monidafe has said that he has not stepped down from the chairmanship race.

Monidafe disclosed this on Monday while addressing a press conference in Abuja.

He, however, explained that if the position was not zoned to the northeast, he would contest for the highest position zoned to the region.

Monidafe added: “I desire and pray that it is zoned to the northeast; if it is not, I have said it on different fora that I will pick up the form for the positions zoned to the northeast.”

He stressed that he has the required experience and qualifications to be in any of the positions of the National Working Committee, except the women and youth leaders.

Monidafe further explained that while it was true that he had been reaching out to other aspirants in order to form a synergy with them, he didn’t step down.

He stressed that he has reached out to Senator Tanko Al-Makura, Senator Sani Musa, adding that he sent a message to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff because he doesn’t have his contact.

Monidafe said, “I didn’t step down for Al-Makura, I only consulted with him to form a synergy. In the same way I have reached out to Sani Musa. I have not stepped down from the race of the national chairman of the party.”

He also added that he would align himself with whatever decision the party is going to make, but he pointed out that everything must be done transparently.

He said: “Do I prefer consensus, direct or indirect? I am a party man, if my party says they want to do consensus, I will go for it. Direct or indirect, I will go for it.

“But this is a very important point, everything must be done transparently. For example, you have a consensus and you reach a consensus without calling us, the aspirants, it will not be nice. We must be taken into consideration, we have sacrificed ourselves – personally, I have. For the past 19 months, I have been putting the APC at the forefront of Nigerian politics all over the media – social media, regular media, print media promoting the party.

“So if you have anything you want to have, the party should please consult us. I think we deserve to be accepted and be recognized by the party. We deserve to be consulted. Whatever they choose, I will go by it, but transparency must be seen.”