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APC Chieftain calls for expulsion of AGF Malami from party

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Recognition over the legitimate chairman of the party in Sokoto has been causing tension for a while and has led to legal battles.

It became more contentious when Malami endorsed Mainasara Sani as the legitimate chairman of the party.

This clearly did not go down well with Sadiq-Achida who accused Malami for abusing his office and destabilizing the APC in Sokoto.

“It was glaringly unfortunate for Malami to drag his exalted office to the mud being the AGF and the Chief Law Officer of the federation to openly preempt the court’s judgement,” Sadiq-Achida said.

“By Malami’s singular act of recognising a faction of APC in Sokoto State, having known that the matter is still pending before a Court of Appeal, the Minister had breached the sanctity of the constitution and his oath of office, which requires him not to allow his personal interest to influence his official conduct.”

Sadiq-Achida also hit out at Kano State Governor Ibrahim Shekarau who was present with Malami at the public endorsement of Sani, saying their plans would not work.

“If Shekarau had any expertise in political manipulation, he should redirect it toward achieving his ambition of controlling the APC in Kano State rather than Sokoto,” Sadiq-Achida continued.

“The duo came to Sokoto with a single mission of destabilizing the APC in Sokoto state, we feel bold to tell them that they lost party control in their states, in Sokoto also, their mission is dead on arrival.”

Sadiq-Achida wants the court to restrain the APC from recognising Sani and other officials from the state congress of the party which held in October 2021.