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Anveshan reiterates its commitment towards sustainability

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Anveshan has been working towards its vision to provide high-quality, healthy food using the wisdom of traditional methods directly from farm-to-fork in the most eco-friendly way possible to its consumers. Health and environment work hand in hand, and one cannot buy healthy food at the cost of degrading one’s environment.

June 5 marks World Environment Day, and with this year’s theme of ‘Ecosystem Restoration,’ Anveshan has amplified its message on preserving the ecology and making the consumers aware of their choices. The company assists the recovery of the ecosystem by avoiding high-end factory processing that releases toxic fumes while using traditional processing methods on the farm level itself.

By going chemical and preservative-free, Anveshan is encouraging farmers to switch to organic and natural farming. It also uses traditional machines that have a low carbon footprint, and the food products do not have any added chemicals hence, minimizing the use of plastic by using glass, tin cans, and paper packaging.

The company is also working on creating alternative supply chains to tap consumers in the apartments of Delhi-NCR and bulk-deliver orders, innovating on plastic-free refill packs. Anveshan is looking forward to launching refill pouches in the future and encourage customers to go for those instead of a new bottle every time.

In a statement, Kuldeep Parewa, co-founder, Anveshan, said, “We at Anveshan generate employment by creating micro-decentralized food processing units in a rural area. While doing, this we also supported around 2100 farmers to not only get their fair share but also shift to organic and traditional methods. This shift is a step towards a healthy and a better tomorrow by saving environmental exposure to tonnes of chemicals in a day, and thus do our bit in restoring and preserving our environment.”

He added in the statement, “In India, around 9.4 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced yearly out of which 3.6 million tonnes remains unattended, which creates much pressure on the environment. We use glass and tin packaging, which is recyclable and reusable because it’s our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment from which we already take a lot.”

“You reap what you sow” is not only a saying but a literal truth. Unfortunately, just to increase the yield and enjoy the benefits of economies of scale, too many chemicals have been added to the soil, air, and water, which pollutes the environment and degrades the quality of the product and kills its nutritional value. In short, if you sow chemicals, you will reap food full of chemicals only.

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