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Amaarae releases debut album, ‘The Angel You Don’t Know’

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Artist: Amaarae

Album Title: The Angel You Don’t Know (‘TAYDK’)

Genre: Pop, Alternative, Avant-garde, R&B, Ambient

Date of Release: November 12, 2020

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Producers: TBA

Album Art:

Length: 14 songs, 35 minutes

Features: 8 – CKay, Maesu, Cruel Santino, Kojey Radical, Princess Adjua, Moliy, Kyu Steed and 6


Label: Platoon

Singles: Fancy and Leave Me Alone

Details/Takeaway: Speaking on ‘TAYDK’, Amaarae states: “Sonically, ‘The Angel You Don’t Know’ is a testament to my love for music and my capabilities as an artist. I’m working within different genres and styles and really pushing my personal boundaries – faster tempos, ballsier lyrics, edgier textures and tones, the same is evident in the visuals as well. Spiritually, the energy is God level.

“The confidence. The audacity is evident throughout the record. I’m not backing down on any song.”

After whetting our appetites with her last two releases; the sultry introductory single ‘Leave Me Alone’, followed by the boss anthem Fancy’, Amaarae has cemented herself as an artist to watch, and one that’s firmly on the rise.

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‘TAYDK’ stands as a culmination of the hard work that the genre-bending artist has put in during an unpredictable moments. This 14-track body of work expresses her artistry and resolve as a musician.

In the 32 mins and 53 seconds of this project, we’re transported into an altè-infused universe where we’re at the helm of seduction with tracks such as ‘Fantasy,’ yet also find ourselves surrounded by 808s and heartbreak when we divulge into songs such as ‘Party Sad Face’ & ‘Hellz Angels.’

You can play the EP HERE.