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“All Rapists Must Be Castrated”-Efya Reacts After Popular Lesbian Was Drugged And Raped For Two Days

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Earlier reports indicated that a lesbian who goes by the name, Elladeevah Ellios was admitted at the Cantoment Police Hospital after she claimed she was being drugged and raped for two good days.

She made this revelation on her Facebook page as she reveals how the incident is tormenting and traumatizing her to the extent that she sees no reason to live anymore.

“I need all the support I can get, my life has come to an end”, she revealed.

According to the well-known advocate for the LGBTQ community, the men who committed the crime are still unknown.

In reaction to this, Efya who seems to be upset about the whole incident has suggested that any man accused of rape to be be castrated.

She wrote on Twitter; “I keep saying we shd castrate all Rapist !!! All of them !! This is outrageous!!! My God ! Something has to be done !!”.

See the tweet below:

Her tweet sparked mixed reaction on Twitter as many throw their weight behind her with others also suggesting more tougher punishment for the culprits.

@Samuel Opuni said; And there are still people in the comments who are laughing thinking it’s okay and that she deserves it. Smh we never go think far kraa and advance sef. The ignorance is ridiculous

@risanbalq also said; I know you’re also gay but Dw. I’d make sure the rapists would be arrested and the rape’pee would also be arrest after we’ve dealt with the rapists

@sherry_maja said; Not just castrate, they need to cut their pen*s. What sort of nonsense is this, where are our activist,we are tired of hearing about rape cases huh! Does that mean our sisters,nieces,girlfriends are not safe,huh!

@Gustavo99324514 also said; Tbh the Homophobic hate is too much we are all humans and everyone have the right to love whoever they want to love

Source: Ghgossip.com